Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery

Improved System Efficiency

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced Overall Building Energy Usage

Earn LEED Credits (EAc1)


Heat recovery is accomplished by adding an additional condenser to your CenTraVac™ chiller in one of two sizes:

Heat Recovery Condenser: full heat recovery for applications with large heating demand.

Auxiliary Condenser: partial heat recovery for applications with small heating demand.

When to Use: Benefits of the Trane Solution:
  • Healthcare
  • Residences (dormitories or condominiums)
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Any time simultaneous heating and cooling loads exist
  • Financials
    • lower first cost
    • lower installed costs
    • lower maintenance costs
  • Design
    • better system efficiency
    • smaller footprint
    • built in control capabilites