Strategic Energy Procurement and Management

Energy is a strategic business enabler. Using less energy is one way to save. It is equally important to think and act more strategically about your energy supply. Trane can help your organization procure energy in ways that strengthen your bottom line, reduce price risk and exposure to market volatility, as well as raise your sustainability profile.

Our comprehensive and strategic approach incorporates proprietary data and forecasts, risk tolerance assessments and professional purchasing strategies to help you reach your business goals. We can help you…

  • Get the best utility rates by keeping tabs on local and state utility markets and regulations.
  • Incorporate renewable energy into your strategy to most effectively match your needs
  • Manage risks to your budget by leveraging our experience and insights to anticipate and avoid energy price surges
  • Monetize your building’s energy performance by integrating demand response and load management strategies

With Trane’s holistic approach to both energy demand and supply management, our solutions gives you the flexibility to choose only the services and expertise you need.

For more information send us a note or contact Trane Energy Supply Services Team at 502-214-9400