Air-to-Air Energy Recovery*

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*Approved by USGBC (BD+C) and AIA (HSW, SD) for continuing education credit (1.5 CE learning units).

This ENL will re-visit some content that was originally presented on a broadcast in 2000 and discusses the various technologies used for air-to-air energy recovery and the importance of properly controlling these devices in various systems types. Topics include advantages/drawbacks and performance of common technologies, proper integration and control in HVAC systems and suggestions for cost-effective application of energy-recovery technologies.
Presenters: Ronnie Moffitt, Dennis Stanke, John Murphy, Jeanne Harshaw (host)

Viewer learning objectives
1. Summarize how to design and control exhaust-air energy recovery to maximize the energy-saving benefits
2. Understand the various air-to-air energy recovery technologies
3. Understand the advantages and drawbacks of various air-to-air energy recovery technologies
4. Summarize how recent changes to energy codes impact the requirement for using exhaust‐air energy recovery in buildings.