Trane Adaptive Frequency™ Drives

Frequency Drive

Superier Efficiency in Low Lift Conditions

Most Reliable and Lowest Maintenance

Meets IEEE 519-92 by Design

A Trane Adaptive Frequency Drive are the industry’s most capable variable speed drives. This Frequency Drive works in close conjunction with the AdaptiView™ controller to continuously optimize compressor speed and inlet guide vane position for improved efficiency.

When to Use:

Benefits of the Trane Solution:

  • Chilled Water Reset    
  • Highest efficiency with harmonic attenuation
  • With condenser water temperature relief (colder than design conditions)
  • Low harmonics are standard; meets IEEE 519-92 with <5% total demand distortion (TDD).
  • Utilities with high kWh and low kW demand rates
  • More reliable with refrigerant-cooled option, keeping condenser water away from the complex electronics of your drive.