Trane Tracer Concierge

Trane Tracer Concierge

The Tracer® Concierge™ system provides an affordable way for building owners to gain simplified building automation for their facility, resulting in improved comfort and performance with reduced operating costs. Tracer® Concierge™ goes beyond managing individual rooms, running HVAC and lighting systems simply and smartly from one intuitive interface.  

•    Run your building smartly, and get the feature-rich functionality and advanced capabilities of building automation — right out of the box. This bundled system of proven Trane components and pre-engineered applications provide ease of operation.

•    Simplified control and operation saves you time in making changes. You get easier building management, thanks to a range of built-in functions including overrides, temperature setpoint changes, daily monitoring alerts and various scheduling options. A local interface offers control via a 10-inch touch-screen display that can be changed to reflect your building showing key information at a glance. Manage your building on the go with a mobile app that lets you see critical alerts that require immediate service.

•    Easier and faster installation puts a cost-affordable building automation system within your reach. Trane® Air-Fi™ wireless technology eliminates wired components between devices, reducing installation complexity and time. Pre-engineered, bundled components and a prepackaged control panel also reduce installation risk and cost.  

•    Easily integrate devices in the future and leverage equipment you already have, since Concierge is built on an a platform that supports open standards offering flexibility to best meet your building needs.

Building automation can improve performance and efficiency and helps maintain occupant comfort for your facility. Tracer® Concierge™ provides advanced capabilities compared to a traditional programmable thermostat — without added complexity. The result is an easy-to-use, affordable system that offers energy savings, decreased maintenance and worry-free operation.  

To learn more about the many benefits of Tracer® Concierge™, contact your local Trane account manager.