Energy Contracting

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In addition to reducing costs, we improve the reliability or expand the capability of your existing infrastructure and building systems. With Energy Contracting, Trane will boost the energy efficiency of your building, reinforcing positive ROI business results.

Trane’s Building Advantage energy solutions can support ongoing operations and reduce costs without unnecessary impact on operational cash flow or capital investment. We’re also able to help you modernize or increase facility capability with best first costs and total cost of ownership, including expediting future improvements. Perhaps you’re looking to reallocate waste in current spend to a more productive portion of operations. With our services, you can address deferred maintenance and optimize current resources while simultaneously conducting strategic and life cycle planning.

As an Energy Services Company (ESCO) accredited by NAESCO and certified through Canadian Federal Buildings Initiative, the Trane Building Advantage portfolio of offerings provides a broad range of energy solutions, including design and implementation of energy savings projects, retrofitting and improving existing systems, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply, and risk management solutions. And because building owners and managers are looking out for ways to help make their buildings more efficient, reducing spend and improving the reliability of existing products and services are top of mind when it comes to efficiency. Trane will help you cut costs and improve performance with select services or a customized consultation plan that can even include guaranteed first costs. Our Energy Contracting services are cost-effective and, over time, can largely pay for themselves with minimal impact on cash flow or capital investment required.