Our business is making yours better through innovative technology and solutions.


Buildings and structures are crucial components of modern society. They’re where we live and work. Where we learn and play. Where we heal and grow. And they are at the very foundation of our business.

At Trane, we’re in the business of making buildings better for the people who occupy them and the organizations that thrive in them. Our innovative solutions result in better buildings that improve over time. Structures that are reliable and safe as well as healthy, comfortable, and efficient, yielding greater productivity and profitability.

As your complete energy solutions partner, our main focus is to help you reach your goals. When it comes to your building’s performance and footprint, we’re the industry leaders. By combining products with energy efficiency services, through the Trane Building Advantage portfolio of solutions, we’re able to offer our clients not only the expertise you know and trust but also the value you deserve.

We believe every building has the potential to be better. That’s why we consider everything to maximize efficiency and to operate at peak performance. Trane examines critical systems and energy use beginning with a preliminary energy assessment right through to a complete performance analysis, considering how each factor contributes to your desired objectives. From energy management systems and services to renewable energy and power solutions, the Trane Building Advantage portfolio has the potential to make your building better. And we’re committed to delivering sustainable performance, innovation, and knowledge for the life of your building and your organization.

Our commitment is simple. Trane is dedicated to your success and will listen, ask the right questions, and provide honest answers. As partners, we’ll approach challenges together and treat one another with respect. So don’t wait another day to learn how Trane Building Advantage solutions can boost your building’s operations.