The CenTraVac Legacy

Delivering superior performance, industry-leading reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Trane Series S CenTraVac Chiller

Featuring AdaptiSpeed Technology

The Trane® Series S CenTraVac chiller is an ideal solution for any application, including retrofit and replacements.  The Series S chiller provides:

Highest efficiency: best-in-class efficiencies for centrifugal chillers in the 180-390 ton range.

Ultra quiet operation: industry-leading sound levels - typically less than 70 dBA - make it perfect for sound-sensitive applications.

Proven reliability: an industrial-grade oil-free solution, featuring technologies designed to last the life of the chiller, including an advanced bearing system proven through more than a decade of field operation… available with a 10-year parts, labor and refrigerant warranty – 100% backed and fulfilled by Trane.

Compact size: fits through standard 72 x 80 inch double doors, and features a bolt-together design for easy disassembly to pass through smaller openings when access is tight.


What is AdaptiSpeed Technology? It is the integration of an all new specific speed, direct drive compressor, permanent magnet motor and the exclusive AFD3 Adaptive Frequency drive. This fusion of technologies delivers unmatched efficiency with some of the lowest sound levels in the industry!


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