Trane Precedent and Voyager

Light-commercial rooftop units offer the lowest installed costs, the lowest operating costs and the fastest delivery times in the industry.

Trane light–commercial rooftop units

Right size, high comfort, low cost.

The lowest installed costs, lowest operating costs and fastest delivery times in the industry.
When it comes to HVAC expenses, every dollar counts–which is why Trane Precedent and Voyager light–commercial rooftop units can be the perfect choice.

Trane Precedent and Voyager rooftop units offer:

  • Lower energy use and energy bills — Trane® eFlexvariable-speed compressors and fans precisely match output to the cooling demands of the space for ultra–high EER and IEER, enabling a full range of solutions like single-zone and multi-space VAV.
  • Lowest operating costs — Trane eDrive direct–drive fans save energy and operate more quietly than competing units, and the beltless design reduces maintenance over the lifetime of the unit.
  • Lowest installed costs — Factory–installed options can eliminate costly field labor charges for the lowest possible installed costs.
  • Fastest delivery — Most units can be ready in as few as two weeks–order to ship–the fastest delivery time in the industry.

The lowest costs. The highest efficiency. The fastest delivery time. For all these reasons and more, Trane Precedent and Voyager rooftop units aren't just the perfect choice–they're the only choice.

To learn more about the features and performance of Trane Precedent and Voyager rooftop units, contact your local Trane account manager.