Trane Expanse Unit Heaters

The only complete line of commercial space heating solutions.

Trane Commercial Space Heating Solutions

Essential Solutions For Every Space

Trane® ExpanseTM is a complete portfolio of optimized solutions designed to meet the space heating needs of large volume and high traffic commercial spaces, municipal buildings and institutional facilities.


It is the only unit heater line in the industry offering products in every category, each an essential element in this comprehensive commercial space heating collection.


Enhanced Exchangers

Trane Expanse gas fired unit heaters and duct furnaces are the first unit heater line in the industry to include durable, reliable tubular heat exchangers as standard. This upgrade created industry leading efficiencies up to 83%.



Diverse Environments

Whether your operating conditions include high ceilings and flammable vapors or low ceilings and busy corridors, the Expanse family of unit heaters has right solutions for your building.


Contact us today to discuss how Trane commercial space heating solutions can benefit your facility.