Trane Scroll Water Chillers

A broad portfolio of water cooled chillers.

Comfort and Process Cooling Solutions

Fit. Function. Flexibility.


Trane Cold Generator is a portfolio of scroll water chillers designed to meet the comfort and process cooling needs of academic, municipal, commercial and industrial facilities.


Featuring both innovative compact expandable capacity and traditional units, this newly expanded offering has become an industry standout for breakthrough design elements and customer centric serviceability.

Performance Preservation

Most units in the Cold Generator Scroll Water Chiller family have integrated redundancy features as standard to minimize downtime and ensure continued cooling operations, even in the event of component failure. Advanced redundancy options are also available on the compact models.


Fabulous Fit

Every unit in the Cold Generator family of Scroll Water Chillers is scaled for delivery through a standard doorway, eliminating the costly concerns associated with structural access for conventionally sized units. Flexible installation and custom piping options for compact model arrays make them ideally suited for retrofit and renovation applications.

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