El Paso Electric Commercial Load Management Program

The most cost effective and environmentally friendly power plant is the one that doesn’t need to be built. That’s why El Paso Electric is introducing the New Mexico Commercial Load Management Program. This program is designed to help reduce strain on the grid during periods of peak demand, through automated demand response strategies. This will provide benefits to all of El Paso Electric customers and, best of all, customers that participate in the program can earn cash incentives.

Buildings are full of hidden potential. As the o­fficial administrator of the El Paso Electric Commercial Load Management program, Trane has a mission to help commercial utility customers monetize building load flexibility by implementing automated demand response strategies. Trane is an energy services company and leading provider of HVAC equipment and building automation systems. We’re applying our expertise to help eligible utility customers gain revenue from their buildings by shedding load during demand spikes.


Sign up for the program, or learn more, by contacting Trane at (915) 309-4214 or the El Paso Electric Energy Efficiency Department at (915) 521-4488.

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