AIRCOR SERVICES is a privately owned and operated, commercial and industrial HVAC solutions provider, based out of Lexington, South Carolina.


When the condensing coils for a twenty-year-old rooftop HVAC unit at an area mall needed to be replaced, the mall facilities manager called on the expertise of AIRCOR SERVICES. The experienced technicians at AIRCOR evaluated the situation and sought a solution that would satisfy the comfort needs of the new retail tenant moving into the building, as well as the business objectives of the mall.


AIRCOR SERVICES contacted their trusted parts manager at Trane Supply, who suggested using the reliable Trane® SureFit™ Coils to replace the failing part. The unit model and serial number were forwarded to the Trane Engineering Services group. Since the unit was not a Trane model, coil measurements were needed. With the mall located just minutes from the Trane coils plant in Columbia, South Carolina, representatives from Trane visited the job site to obtain the needed measurements. A quote for the replacement coil was provided to AIRCOR SERVICES that same day.

Pleased with the competitive price offered by Trane, AIRCOR obtained approval from their customer at the mall and ordered the coil. Once the quote was accepted, Trane proceeded with a CAD drawing of the custom coil, materials were ordered from its vendors and the coil was built.

Trane engineering, quality and operations managers joined the AIRCOR SERVICES technicians at the job site for the coil installation. The coil fit well, with only two minor field piping modifications required for the header.


Trane supplied AIRCOR SERVICES with a reliable, competitively-priced, custom-built coil to replace the failing part in a non-Trane rooftop unit at AIRCOR’S retail mall customer. Due to the exceptional service and the success of the project, AIRCOR SERVICES is considering the use of Trane coils in two additional upcoming jobs.


“We were pleased with how things went with the custom-built coil from Trane. It is performing fine and we don’t anticipate that we will have any issues in the future.”

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