Energy Savings Performance Contracting

Energy Savings Performance Contracting

Trane began its performance contracting in 1995 and has been a qualified DOE (Department of Energy) ESCO since 1998. Since that time, we have managed ESPC programs for government agencies including the Department of State, Navy, Army, Air Force, and the General Services Administration. 

Trane's Federal ESPC portfolio includes $365M in DOE ESPC projects and we have delivered more than $25M in annual savings--$639M over the life of all 18 contracts. Under the scope of these projects, we have saved the government over 1.2 trillion BTU/year in energy, with an average reduction of 34% from the baseline. Our projects have received multiple awards including the Federal Energy Management Program Award of the Year and the Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy Management. 

Trane is a recognized industry-leader of energy efficient HVAC equipment and controls with a global distribution network of service and parts locations to support ESPC projects. We offer detailed knowledge related to the design, function, and application limits of the equipment and controls and know how to efficiently and cost-effectively integrate in to existing controls systems. Trane is manufacturer-agnostic on our ESPC work and also installs competing manufacturer's equipment. We have performed BAS/EMCS system integrations and Smart Grid-Advanced Metering interfaces, controls, and reporting on secured Federal Government installations and campuses and know how to securely integrate / install controls to meet the Government's current Risk Management Framework (RMF) requirements to cybersecurity. We work with clients to attain Authority to Operate (ATO) so they can work in a cyber-secure manner. 

ESPC IDIQ Contracts

Department of Energy IDIQ, Contract DE-AM36-09GO29044 Task order contract for Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) conservation and renewable energy services for Federal facillities. 

US Army Corps of Engineers, ESPC III MATOC, Solicitation W912DY-12-R-0046 Task order contract for the design, construction, and operation of energy savings projects to help meet mandated energy savings goals