Series R™ chiller RTAC

400-1500 kW

Main features

  • Competitive physical footprint
  • Single power connection
  • Exact load matching
  • Low sound levels
  • Falling film evaporator - high COP and reduced refrigerant charge
  • Factory-mounted star-delta starter panel
  • Close spacing installation - 1.2 m side clearances

Customer benefits

  • Reliability: Trane screw compressor with only 3 moving parts
  • Efficiency: 3 efficiency levels, to fit your requirements
  • Certified Eurovent class A

Some sizes and versions not available for countries adopting the Ecodesign Directive


  • High ambient operation (up to 52°C)
  • Low ambient operation (down to -18°C)
  • Low noise version equipped with low-speed fans and compressor sound attenuating enclosure
  • High efficiency version
  • Power disconnect switch
  • Unit edge grooved pipe connections
  • Extra-pass and specific tubes for low water temperature applications (down to -12°C)
  • Black epoxy-coated aluminium fins for corrosive environments
  • Copper fins
  • Condenser protection or complete unit protection
  • High and low pressure gauges

Energy saving options: Hugh efficiency and extra high efficiency versions


  • Neoprene isolators
  • Grooved pipe connection kit
  • Flow switch

Tracer™ CH530 Control

Adaptive Control™ microprocessor featuring:

  • Easy-to-use operator interface panel
  • External auto/stop
  • External interlock
  • Chilled water pump control
  • Ice-making card (optional)
  • Chilled water and current-limit remote setpoint card (optional)

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